“TV boy, he laughs and sways and longs to smash your crystal crown.” It’s lyrics like these that make you miss a certain era, back when artists still wielded lyrical power like a splintered, dripping paintbrush and said things in a way you couldn’t quite duplicate. This particular line, which Colin Lime tugs out of the earth like a crystal on “Electric Dust,” is one of many memorable moments from Future Lover’s full-length, debut LP, Summoning. The album is, in fact, brand new, though it looks, sounds, and feels like you once dug it up in a dimly-lit record store.

Best enjoyed on wax, Summoning rides an eloquent, late-60s-esque groove all the way from “The Herd” to “Bye Bye,” sustaining its trip through the middle with layers of smooth suspense. But where Future Lover wows is in the in-between pieces; thoughtful, creeping transitions that carry you coolly from one vibe to the next. In moments that are truly psychedelic, each new idea is mixed up slowly and released with eyedropper precision into the bigger story, like food coloring in a fish tank.

Some of the best twists happen in the very first track. “The Herd,” which begins as an upbeat, percussive anthem, quickly coalesces into something different right under your nose. Suddenly, you’re listening to an unbound incantation of “ooh”s and “aah”s, set against an unraveling, Dali-esque backdrop. And right around that subtle, wind-up toy transition into “One More” is when you realize Future Lover is not messing around.


While there’s no telling what exactly Lime is trying to summon, you just want to get your hands dirty and join him in his effort. Once you do, you’re rewarded well; whether it’s the dreamy, directionless sex appeal of “The Breakers,” the searing “I don’t care”s of “Icarus,” or the elegantly-trippy “Gravity Knife” that gets you. Like a slow portal to another world, Summoning is an album that takes its time steaming up, tugs you through the haze – and never once gets ahead of itself.


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Article: Olivia Isenhart



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