We are excited to premiere the new single from Stop Light Observations called “Security” today, but first must ask: what does the word, “security,” mean to you? As millennials are aging, the thought of real security is a fleeting idea for most, and this single draws on society’s current inability to just be normal humans living without fear. Stop Light Observations makes it clear that we should just enjoy what we have and just maybe “two cold beers, a hot bitch,” should be enough for us all.

Starting with a bit of xylophone, the breathy vocals then come at us like a wise old wizard giving sage advice. We listen closely as it mirrors our existence; the rat race, the job search, the imaginary “security” that job may provide. But what are we really looking for and why doesn’t a good job, a fast car and a swanky dinner make us whole? We need more; we need love, we need family, and despite what the TV tells us, we need each other.

“This song I feel most passionate about in the writing because of how loudly its truth rings in our American society. Security does not exist. I am a child from the baby boomers. I am a millennial. A generation that the human race has been trying to achieve since its beginning…hence why this generation exists. It was a dream that one day parents children could grow up in safety from disease, natural disaster, plentiful food, entertainment etc. Millennials have gotten to watch their parents achieve moderate to great success on average, while also getting to observe successes lack of happiness that it fulfills. We spend our lives working so we can provide for our children instead of spending time with our children. America is experiencing a numb state, and as a millennial I feel confident that my generation can speak for this truth the best. We have been spoiled to the point where material has no luster. I believe a great shift is on its way and Security is my way of saying it.” – John-Keith Culbreth


“Security” is off Stop Light Observations new LP Toogoodoo which is due out on 8-26-16


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