It’s Friday and that means we can relax a bit these last few hours at work while daydreaming about the weekend. With this fantastic new single from Gold Clubb called “Sweat It,” we can easily forget about the weekday struggles and forge on with a happier disposition. After listening to this a few times we’ve decided that it’s a supremely fun track with fantastic beats and a wicked-chill vocal delivery that gives us all the good feels.

The mastermind behind Gold Clubb is Nicky Francis, who you may know from his band, The Majorleans, and also recently collaborated with Banner Day which features his drawings on embroidered linen t-shirts, leaves us asking – when does this dude sleep? Thankfully for us, it seems like it’s not enough and with Gold Clubb’s new EP entitled Gold Clubb: The 2-Stroke Mixtape due out on 9-16, rest isn’t in the plans for the Brooklyn wizard.


“I used to work in the West Village, on a job I inherited due to a succession of strange events.  I like that neighborhood, it was better when Chi-Chi’s was still next to the PATH train on Christopher though, the Tranny vibe brought a lot of color to Hudson St., whether that’s your thing or not.  I’d get out of work and get a slice and the pizza shop would be filled with cross-dressers and wild children of the night, and I would get a faint murmur of what old New York used to be like. The women in that hood though, they were never feeling me, and I gotta say the mood was mutual. So many snotty rich chicks.  A lot of my boys were bartenders over there and did pretty good for themselves, I just didn’t blend well with that scene.  Skinny weirdo with long hair type shit. No bitterness, I was already married, it was more like some tribal dissonance that was always quietly amusing to me from a sociological, observational perspective.” – Nicky Francis


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