Southern California festival, One Love Experience, sets out to be unlike any other in October 2016


One Love Experience


What makes for the perfect “transformational” weekend getaway? Music. Dancing. Yoga. Life, health & wellness coaching. Spiritual healing. Clean eating.

The One Love Experience will have all that. And more. Created three years ago by visionary event producers Ken Schwenker and Chiraiya Fox, the One Love Experience will be a three-day festival filled with world class music, spiritual healers, yogis, and more. Schwenker and Fox “curated this event with the aim of fostering positive vibrations, choosing musical guests that reflect this goal with their lyrics, style and overall integrity.” Artists like Matisyahu, Trevor Hall, Emblem3, C.C. White ~ Soul Kirtan, and David Starfire will perform alongside the designated Healers Village, which will feature prominent yogis, spiritual healers, reiki masters, massage therapists and tarot readers. If that weren’t enough, the Pure Living Expo will exhibit the best in raw, organic, non-gmo, supplement and vegan food vendors from across the nation.

Adding to the magical vibe of this unique festival is its location choice. The One Love Experience will be held at the Lake Casitas Recreation Area near mystic Ojai, California, just north of Los Angeles. According to Schwenker,  “Our goal is to create a musical experience that leaves people with feelings of love and positivity — an experience that they’ll never forget.”

Around 4,000 fans of all ages are expected to attend this revolutionary concert October 7-9, 2016. Make sure you are one of them. Tickets start at $59, and are available now at


Article: Shannon Leigh


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