Hey bacon enthusiasts – meet the thing you’re going to be bragging about in a week and a half. The Great Big Bacon Picnic, which captivated the hearts of so many food critics (and stoners, definitely stoners) last year, is coming back to Brooklyn next weekend! Not only is this a place where you can sample the culinary magic of over 100 local chefs and distillers from around your hood, but it’s a chance for you to get some ‘me-time’ with a big pile of cured meat, without any abuse from your vegan roommate.

This indoor/outdoor gourmet bacon festival features such unfathomable indulgences as unlimited bacon (control your breathing, man), a feast of bite-sized bacon delicacies, the famed Bacon Bar, and the musical stylings of Brooklyn’s own High & Mighty Brass Band, who we diiiiig. Knowing them, they’ll be parading all around those greasy grounds with horns held high, which is always a blast to see live.

In addition to the many local vendors the fest is helping introduce to new taste buds, there are some other great causes at the center of all the bacon-y goodness. According to their FAQs, 10% of net proceeds will go toward charities such as City Harvest, and they’re also strong advocates of the Slow Food movement, supporting local farmers/suppliers who focus on sustainable and organic practices. (The earth is currently melting, so this is important stuff).

The Great Big Bacon Picnic is going down real soon at The Old Pfizer Factory in Williamsburg on September 24-25, 2016, so don’t miss out! Looks like there are still some promo codes up for grabs on their website, so head here to learn more and get your tickets. We’ll see you guys there, if we’re not already passed out in the bushes in a bacon-induced coma. Hell yeah.


Check out these sizzling highlights from last year’s event.


Article: Olivia Isenhart


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