A familiar disgruntled voice, one full of hate, intolerance, misogyny and ego starts this song premiere from Benyaro. We grimace and shake our heads a bit – haven’t we heard enough of this tool? Then we realize this is a protest-song, one that takes aim at our present situation – too many men trying to control us, control woman and in turn, our future. We’ve had enough, the song echoes, we must take a stand against fear-mongering and injustice.

In these days of uncertainty, fear and shaming, this song is important. Not enough musicians have taken a stand against the current situation – long gone are the days of protest in the form of song. There is no Dylan, Joan Baez, Creedence or Woody Guthrie walking in the door anytime soon and we must give props to Benyaro for speaking up against what they deem as unfair and unjust. It’s hard enough for any band to compile a fanbase and with this statement they may lose some people, but will certainly gain some better human beings as fans in the process.


“‘Too Many Men’ was born in response to a frustration with male world leaders who constantly pound their chests, abuse their power and lead us into repeated conflict. It was written well before Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidency, but the song and our current US political climate have merged. It is meant to be sung out loud by woman AND men, whoever and whenever one feels the frustration of the old guard, impeding progress.” – Benyaro


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