Sometimes we just want to rock out, and with this whacky video from The Fem Doms called “Dysania,” we do just that and enjoy some unique animation at the same time. Echoing the music, the video is aggressive and relentless – just like the hammering drums and chunky guitar licks that are prevalent throughout. But this song isn’t a misguided vessel with no real middle or ending, like so much music we here today — this is an adventure from start to finish with proper choruses, bridges and laser like lyrics that finishes with a brutal flurry.

We couldn’t be more excited to hear more tunes off their upcoming EP Attic, which we will keep an eye on for a release date and a tour to support, so check back.


“Our video for “Dysania” was made by experimental artist, New York DIY community staple, and dear friend Preston Spurlock. The animations he created bring colorful, yet disturbing, imagery to the story of the song – the times when pushing forward seems impossible.” – The Fem Doms








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