It’s almost the weekend and the perfect time to check out some new music. Today we are happy to premiere the first video from Ryan Chernin called “Ashtray Kisses,” which is off his forthcoming debut EP, You Know Who You Are and is due out on 1-13-17.

We all have been in relationships where our significant other has a bad habit and we deal with it, even going as far as embracing it. Well, what happens when the relationship goes up in smoke and you’re left with a vice that also brings back a wealth of emotions and memories each time you partake? Ryan Chernin brings us a honest tune, but with a sense of humility and humor that drives the song. With catchy hooks, 12 string guitar and vocals that flow effortlessly; “Ashtray Kisses” gives us some old-school 90’s alt-rock complete with scorching guitars, but with a modern-pop edge that is seamless and seemingly effortless.


“I immediately wrote Ashtray Kisses coming out of a longterm relationship with a chainsmoker. I found it funny that in the wake of our time together, I was left with all the standard post-breakup feelings of regret and longing in addition to one hell of a nicotine addiction. Talk about collateral damage, every time I took a drag, I found myself right back in an embrace with her tobacco tinged lips.

Sonically, the song originally began as a sort of New Wave influenced pop ballad but evolved into this 90s grunge-fueled Brit-pop conglomerate. Everything on this track really came together when we sat down to compose and record the electric guitar parts. Though the song certainly transformed, I feel it still retains the original drive and intention of the demo. All we did was make it hit harder.” – Ryan Chernin


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Article: Shayne Hanley


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