We are excited to premiere the new video from No Nets called “Dark Matter” today. “Dark Matter” is the lead single off their brand new LP Bright Light which dropped a few weeks ago and if this raucous tune is any indication, the new record is a gem.

The video is bathed in a purple hue as the band pretend-rages with their instruments, simple really, but the silly “portrait scenes” are what ties the eclectic song and video together and shows the band’s’ jovial nature. The song starts out with a friendly poppy hook and you think it’s gonna be all sweet, but immediately switches gears and races towards the cacophonous side with high-pitched and warbling vocals. It all works, even the metal-esque guitar breakdowns in between the verses embrace us while we try to figure out what is trying to be said. If you like your music unpredictable, but still catchy – this is the band for you and “Dark Matter” balances on a tight-rope of punk and pop-rock sensibility that is refreshing and adventurous.


There’s no deep, meaningful story behind this video. We’re four goofy dudes who have some incredibly talented friends that know their way around video equipment. So we decided to have the most fun we could possibly have while pretending to play our instruments. Turns out pretending to play your instrument is a lot more tiring than actually doing it. Much respect to Milli Vanilli. – Sal from No Nets


Enjoy the video, and check out the new album, Bright Light, on SpotifyiTunesSoundcloud, or wherever you listen to music these days.


No Nets’ next show is on December 20th at Piano’s. Get your tickets here.


Article: Shayne Hanley



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