In the nearly two-minutes before the lyrics start, “Felt” by TK The Architect throws us a knuckleball; one that starts way up high with soaring guitar solo – then it drops suddenly with low keyboards and a spoken-message that states “what you feel only matters to you, it’s what you do, to the people you say you love, that matters, only thing that counts.”

Then the visually stunning video does a *180 and drops an equally stunning rap-verse. While surprising at first listen, the combination is flawless in its execution here – essentially combining two contrasting styles to make a statement of love and loss. This video stands out for many reasons and look forward to more jaw-dropping tracks from the New York born and bred artist in the near future.

*This video for “Felt” was a collaboration between artists Kimberly Young Sun and Dave Fitz, with input from TK. Together they created visuals that helped express the emotions behind the track without overshadowing the song itself. TK The Architect described the process as “rewarding and therapeutic.”


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Article: Shayne Hanley





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