It’s a flurry of racing, 8-bit notes that pave the way for Maya Azucena’s expansive voice on her brand new single, “Unleash Me” – a fresh exploration from the singer-songwriter, who has embraced earthier, more stripped-down R&B production in the past. The upbeat pop track was produced by longtime collaborator Sonix the Mad Scientist, and was just released today on his independent label, Nucleus Entertainment.


Maya Azucena – Unleash Me


The techno vibe is a gutsy move for Maya Azucena, whose soulful vocals are well-suited to bare-bones, late-70s-ish funk beats – or even the soft cascades of a piano, as we discovered during her secret listening party earlier this year. But she proves her versatility as her words cut through the layers, veering around bright, rapid progressions as if dodging lasers. And even with its futuristic edge, “Unleash Me” stays true to Maya’s style, in that it’s more like a retro, space-age depiction of the future than something genuinely out of reach.


“This song is an anthem for all who’ve had to overcome dark challenges in order to fly,” said Azucena, who is brimming with inspiration after having just toured abroad in Russia. “This song speaks to the greatness we walk with, that may have been undermined, hidden, or forbidden.” Her message is undoubtedly a glimmer of hope during a trying time for so many – and the song it inspired has all the right elements to empower. Give “Unleash Me” a spin right here on Pancakes & Whiskey and then purchase it at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play.


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Article: Olivia Isenhart


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