It’s always exciting to share a new artist with our exeptional readers and with Mïrändä’s new video called “Them,” your Wednesday just got better.

The grainy video for “Them” which was directed and produced by Jared Rosenthal, chases 21 year-old Mïrändä around parts of NYC you may know well;  the grungy subway to Astoria Bowl and all the way down to Coney Island, we follow Mïrändä as she dances and sings to the upbeat dance tune. You can check out the wonderful electro-pop Empire EP HERE and with its lush and full sound, we bet you’ll be hooked.


“THEM is about breaking free of relationships that prevent you from growing and changing. A year ago I left school so I could live at home and pursue music. It was the most rewarding yet difficult thing I’ve ever done. After leaving I lost close friends and I felt isolated. I think Jared captured the feeling of isolation beautifully by choosing to film me alone in typically public places. In the bowling alley there’s a sense of infinite space. However, even though I am alone, I am engaged with myself. To me, the video is about experiencing an intimacy with yourself… Breaking free from old patterns and rediscovering who you are.” – Mïrändä

Be sure to follow Mïrändä’s Facebook Twitter & Instagram and be on the lookout for local shows early next year.



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