NYC’s own Justin Baron, who just recently wowed us at Pianos for his last show of 2016, is out with a brand new single that we’re stoked to premiere on Pancakes & Whiskey today. “Craving,” a seductively catchy track that shows off the best of Baron’s emotive vocals, will make you proud you caught onto his stuff early on.

Justin Baron – Photo by Shayne Hanley


Packed with potential for the debut album on the way – and just the right amount of “ah ah”s and “ooh ooh ooh”s to get you hooked – “Craving” is delivered with a sense of longing that feels really authentic. And that’s probably because it is. “I’ve been in love with this girl for a while now, but I’ve never been able to tell her,” Baron told us, revealing the personal nature of the song. “Every time I tried, my lips went numb and my words turned to gibberish. I’m putting this song out to tell her how I feel.”

Whether you’re the girl on his mind, or just one of us happy spectators, check out the new single up above and enjoy this up-and-comer’s magnetic sound.



Article: Olivia Isenhart



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