About 45 minutes north-west of Boston, MA is a city known as Lowell. In the good-old-days, Lowell was a thriving city full of textile factories, blue collar workers and a multi-ethnic community that thrived. Fast forward a 100 years and Lowell has changed drastically – the factories that once supported the large town shut down long ago, crime has risen, and the Heroin epidemic has firmly taken its roots. But despite all that, it still is a solid persevering city that works hard and plays harder, and it makes sense that Daemon Chili’s sound reflects the Roots-Rock vibes of their home.

“Full Of Sin” is a pleasing rock-roots tune full of rolling piano, gorgeous harmonies and a guitar that doesn’t quit. It may be about a breakup, but the fast paced tempo gives us a different feel than your average splitsville tune. Daemon Chili’s sound reflects on legendary bands such as The Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers, but brings a new intensity that feels fresh and unforced and for that we’re grateful.


“This is essentially a break up song. It is written from the perspective of a male who wishes things could have been different but knows, undoubtedly, that the last nail has been driven and that it’s all over but the crying.The song takes the listener through some of the all-too-familiar stages of a break up: shock, denial, isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. It’s all in there. Anyone who’s been through the meat grinder will get this one. Here’s to another failed attempt at harmonious co-existence.” – Daemon Chili


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Article: Shayne Hanley



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