While the winter winds rage outside today, we look forward to spring and new beginnings; so with this incredible song premiere from Battlehooch called “Cinderblock,” transport yourself to a seemingly more pleasant and highly-psychedelic reality.

The San Francisco band seems to channel their magic from a distant time and place at first listen, but there is a certain new age-quality to the rolling and jangly tune that is noticed once you delve a bit deeper. “Cinderblock’s”  lyrics flow rather effortlessly around the wavy and unpredictable synths – all while a numbing bassline and sharp snare dance with the airy guitars to form a wall of pleasant sound that ends with a flurry of woodwind wizardry .

Instead of dropping an album or two, Battlehooch will blast us with a bevy of singles this year, for that we are grateful and will be following closely.



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Article: Shayne Hanley

Photos: Marta Barensfeld


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