Slip into a dreamy new place with Greyface, whose brand new single, “If You Want,” is just what you need today. We’re psyched to premiere this immersive alt-rock song from the LA-based band with a track that instantly sucks you in – and builds the anticipation for their forthcoming album, Greyola, which hits shelves next Friday.

Where “If You Want” really hits home is in its poignant lyrics, which are so easy to relate to, it feels like Greyface could have lifted a page from your journal. “One more night, one more night, try to sleep in your city clothes,” sings Justin Taylor, his voice as smooth and refreshing as a cool sip of water. It’s all wrapped in a warm blanket of good vibes, knitted with mellow bass and an uptempo drum beat that really keeps things moving. Get lost with us and check out this strong new single up above.


“‘If You Want’ is about evolution of a friendship and assisted suicide. The concept of hanging on vs letting go, love and guilt playing hide and seek.” – Jutty Taylor


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Article: Olivia Isenhart



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