These are tumultuous times we are living in and throughout history, the people tend to fight back against oppression, and the abuse of our natural environment. Since the conmen in charge have determined that our drinking water is less-important than the depth of their pockets – more protest songs are hitting us lately and if history serves true, the next few years will be golden with amazing tunes like “The Catskills Aint For Sale.”

The first single off Hayride Casualties’ upcoming album, Fossil Fuel Kid, which is due out on 6-9-17; is a tireless romp of a song that has locomotive-like guitars, rolling bass-lines, and wailing lyrics that have an urgency to them that make you listen closely to lines like – “You can offer job creation, You can promise reparations, Your shareholders have been patient, But the Catskills Ain’t For Sale.”

“The Catskills Ain’t For Sale” is trying to capture the spirit of that resistance that rural communities need in order to fend off these big corporations that would otherwise take advantage of them. That spirit is totally just in the air right now. It’s working too because we’re winning a lot. That spirit of ‘not in my backyard’ has a lot of energy. It’s contagious. Makes for good songs.” – Daniel DeWald (Hayride Casualties)


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