Once in awhile we receive a submission that drops our jaws to the floor, and with this stunning video premiere from TJ Stafford called “Crazy,” we are still trying to gather ourselves.

The video is rather straight-forward, but shot in such a striking and powerfully-dark way, that it fits perfectly with the actual song. Talking about the song – we dare you to try and pigeonhole this into one genre; while it’s certainly rocking with haunting layers of guitar, rolling bass and intermittent crescendos – “Crazy” also has a powerful poppy-hook with a chorus’ that gets stuck in your head.

The song is aggressive, and deals with a fucked-up relationship where one person makes all the rules and then changes them to suit their own needs, and the way Stafford emotes that feeling into a complete visceral experience is admirable, albeit a bit scary to some. What’s really impressive, is that this is the LA based artist’s first solo single/video ever and we cant wait until his debut album, All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This, drops later this year.


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