We are excited to premiere the newest video from Evolfo called “Luv Like A Freak” today as it somewhat mirrors our own existence living in Brooklyn. The hard-hitting song starts with a catchy guitar lick, a locomotive-esque bassline, a horn-section that hits like a ton of bricks, all while the organ sweeps across us like a wave and then the lyrics are hurled at us like we stole something. The vivacious tune is mix of rock, soul, funk and punk that resembles our surroundings here in NYC. “Luv Like A Freak” is off the band’s debut LP, The Last Of The Acid Cowboys, and the album is a perfect, but yet, unforced representation of the NYC sound right now.

The fun, keen and timely animated video was directed by Rob Fleming and produced by Wet Cement Studio’s; follows a hipster/punk lizard trying to get to an Evolfo gig and takes jabs at popular-culture including Seamless and Tinder along the way.


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