There’s something alluring with “Now That It’s Over,” the new song from J. Marco, that we are happy to premiere today.

Starting with a gentle and enamoring guitar groove, J. Marco seems to sing with a heavy-heart as we listen intently. As soon as we settle into that soft groove, the tune takes a left turn and speeds up to 100mph instantly with abrasive guitar riffs, locomotive-like percussion and hammering bass. The lyrics even seem to change from being forlorn and morose, to one of positive energy and a promising future.

“Now That It’s Over is one of my favorite songs off of ‘Days Of Surrender’.  It’s about putting the pieces back together after someone you love is gone, and wondering if you could have changed the outcome.” – J. Marco

If you dig this song, then you’re in luck as this exciting artist is bringing a new album to us on September 29th called Days Of Surrender and we’ll be sure to review that, so stay tuned.


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Article: Shayne Hanley





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