Have you felt hopeless or fearful of the world around you the last 8 months? If so, Nick LaFalce of Atlas Engine has a message for you; “Don’t Stop Now,” and with this song premiere you can feel the power of persistence through song; and if you already feel empowered and are ready to resist, this tune will only further that strength.

“Don’t Stop Now” starts with a hammering riff and then settles into a spacy groove with LaFalce’s vocals soaring over supple basslines, gentle synths with layered and intricate guitar work. That hammering riff comes back again throughout the choruses, making this song a powerful rollercoaster that uplifts the spirit and gets the feet tapping.

After more than a year since their last release, we can only hope Atlas Engine will bring us more anthems like “Don’t Stop Now,” so we will be keeping our eyes and ears open. Lucky for us the band is playing TONIGHT (8-23-17) at The Secret Loft in the Greenwich Village at 10pm and you can snag tickets HERE.

“The song was written after seeing so many people that felt hopeless and in fear after last year’s election, myself included. It was a tough loss for New York City, but the events that followed like the Women’s march in January sent a strong message that nobody was going to go down without a fight. So after the events in Charlottesville, we decided to release this song ahead of schedule because it’s a message we could all use right now. It’s a call for persistence, and it’s something we’re going to have to keep reminding ourselves every time things seem too overwhelming.” – Nick LaFalce


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Song Credits:

Written, Recorded, and Produced by Nick LaFalce with:

Pat Cochrane – bass

Justin Mayfield – guitar

Mixed by Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes)

Drums engineered by Jeff Citron

Mastered by Joe Lambert (Local Natives, The National)


Cover Image live at Bowery Electric: Codey Vargas






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