If you have yet to hear of the Canadian duo Black Pistol Fire, that’s not likely to last long. Guitarist/vocalist Kevin McKeown and drummer Eric Owen have just released their fifth album, Deadbeat Graffiti, which delivers 12 smoldering tracks of pure unhinged bliss. Rock fans, rejoice – this is the album you’ve been waiting for.

Black Pistol Fire -Gov Ball


“Lost Cause,” the hard-hitting lead single and album opener, wastes no time grabbing listeners’ attention with its pummeling opening riffs. Once you’re inevitably roped in, you’ll find it impossible not to move your head along to the pulsing drum beat that carries throughout the song.


The mood and tempo quickly shift on the bluesy second track “Bully.” Although it may not hit as hard the preceding track, it’s certainly not lacking in grit. This one still packs plenty of emotion, oozing pain and heartbreak as McKeown masochistically cries, “I like it when you play too rough.”

The real beauty of Deadbeat Graffiti lies in its raw, untamed energy that defies any sort of limitations. This newest release draws from a variety of influences including, but not limited to, garage rock, soul, and R&B. The intro to “Last Ride” incorporates a bit of winding Spanish guitar, while “Coattails” starts off on a psychedelic path before taking a funky turn. Black Pistol Fire fearlessly experiments with a laundry list of genres, and pulls each one off effortlessly, resulting in a divinely refreshing album from beginning to end. The band masterfully transitions between loud and soft, without losing an ounce of character in between.

Black Pistol Fire – Gov Ball


Black Pistol Fire will be bringing their larger than life sound on the road this fall as they tour in support of Deadbeat Graffiti, with a stop at Bowery Ballroom on October 22nd.

Black Pistol Fire – Gov Ball After Party


Article: Nicole Shyti

Images: Shayne Hanley



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