As Jim Morrison once stated, “Where’s your will to be weird?” – being weird is something that’s appreciated now because you get to be who you really are. Speaking to a friend about this, music is a unique platform of weirdness – sometimes you’re not meant to fit in specific situations because you have these profound and meaningful experiences that are all music related, like how last night’s show was the most insane and amazing experience.

Pollens’ new single “Words” is something that you can appreciate from several angles – funky and catchy. With a unique, minimalistic songwriting – there are certain lyrics that will catch your attention like “ all drive, no focus. dangerously romantic an inventory.” Pollens states, “ It’s a little anthem for how a monster gets to be a monster.. because we’re not listening… especially in the summer, and at any time that precedes kissing. All the tells and omens stack up as promises rather than warnings. And for all the reasons we shouldn’t, we must… I could tell you all of this upfront, and instead of being afraid, you’ll probably be endeared to my disclosure. It’s not a trick, but it is a trap.”

It matches their experimental indie-rock, meets avant-pop persona of less is more, but it has a lot of weight and meaning. Pollens they released their first single “Words” today, off their upcoming EP Mister Manufacture. Exploring their music catalogue can be intriguing with interesting and catchy song titles and beats – it’s like Alice In Wonderland, but with experimental, danceable, electronic and indescribable tunes that you’d have to hear for yourself.

When a band gets to blend in a variety a genres together, the result is almost hypnotic and Pollens does this perfectly. Even their band description is almost a romantic, minimalistic styled intro, “No memory. No culture. Pollens is a New York band. Its percussion and shouting, accuracy and abandon. Samplers, noise, ecstatic readings of boring lists. Stupid dance beats. Wild drumming, low-art, normal stuff, downtown theater, subway commutes, more lists, your telephone, transmission noise, gestures, physicality.” With that alone, will bring a smile upon your face.

Image and cover photo by Stephanie Griffin


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Article: Karen Silva





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