‘Way back in 1974’—we had a killer rock music scene here in NYC and the Irish band, Silverbacks, are harkening back to the good old days with this sizzling single called “Just For Better View.”

The young Dublin band consists of axe-wielding brothers, Kilian and Daniel O’Kelly and rounds out with Emma Hanlon on bass, Peadar Kearney on guitar and Gary Wickham on the drums; and bring with them a heavy, guitar-fueled spasm of proper rock that we can sink our teeth into. Starting with a hammering bassline, the lyrics get thrown at us in a nonchalant, but irresistible way that we cant help listen a little harder while the three guitar attack hits full force as the tune plays out.

Just For A Better View – Art by Cam Taylor


We look forward to more rockin’ tunes from Silverbacks and will be paying close attention to this fast rising band


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Cover Image:  Brid O’Donovan

Article: Shayne Hanley



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