We are excited to share the stripped-down version of “Paralyzed” from Daniel Ellsworth and The Great Lakes today. The catchy and refreshing tune/video is off their freshly released EP called Chapter One, which is a small collection of songs that will be on their full length album entitled Fashion later this year.

Sitting down in a basement, the Nashville based band decided to perform the songs in a bare-bones manner, and in return, shines a massive spotlight on their prowess as skilled and passionate musicians. With just a piano, acoustic guitar, bass and a drum-track, the band fully immerses themselves into the song and the result is pure magic. While the music itself is well thought-out and has a foot-tapping melody, the real star is Daniel Ellsworth’s soaring vocals that effortlessly reach the spaces in between the bouncing notes. Check out the original take of “Paralyzed” as it appears on the album below and look out for the second chapter of this sweet album this spring.


“This is the second video from our new stripped down series, Backtracked. “Paralyzed” was the first track that we wrote and recorded for our forthcoming new album. It set the tone for the direction of the record. On the recorded track, it’s sweeping synths and big guitar lines, but for this we wanted to strip it back to bare bones with piano, acoustic guitar, bass, and some drum machine loops.” – DE+TGL



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Article: Shayne Hanley





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