We are excited to premiere the new catchy single from Snow Villain called “Records” today. “Records” is a breezy and fun tune that starts with some ragtime-y piano and jangly guitar that warms the palette for Goldsworthy’s warming voice and lyrics. The song is off Snow Villains’ upcoming record entitled EP I and is due out 4-27-18.

We really look forward to the new EP in April as Snow Villain has some serious chops and takes on multiple genres in their alt-rock approach, including this banger from hell called “Torches” that reminds us of a young and pissed off Rage Against The Machine. The difference between the two songs is absurd and gets our blood boiling for more alt-rock madness.


“Records is a song that explores some of the tangible and physical reminders of a breakup. “Records” are being used metaphorically to talk about some inanimate object and how seeing it or holding it or listening to it can take you to a place where you were with somebody from your past or reminded of the object’s etymology and the stories behind the people with it.  I hold a lot of people close to me in my memories by correlating them with objects like these.”- Grant Goldsworthy


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