Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to bring you this video premiere today from KRANTZ called “Run Away With Me.” The feel-good rock tune/video starts with a thumping drum beat and churning guitars which sets the mood for the effortless and concise lyrics to swim around. While steeped in the rock/psych genre, the sensible and catchy flow of “Run Away With Me” brings that pop vibe, which in turn makes this a formidable track that should strike a chord with folks of all ages.

Run Away With Me


The video, directed by Josh Mendez and Karl Weidmann is a fun and grainy ride with the band tooling around in a classic Cadillac whilst picking up band members, hitting the liquor store and owning the stage. If you dig this song then you’re in luck as KRANTZ has a new EP entitled The Pennock Tapes which is due out on 4-27-18.

“This video shows Jeffrey Danger picking up the band one at a time in his ’75 Cadillac. We cruise around through the day and skope out different parts of the city on our way to a show, so we can rock for the masses. We may not be running away to a far off beach or anything like the song says, but when we get together and start making our sound, we feel as if we are running away and escaping reality.” – Jeffrey Krantz



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Article: Shayne Hanley





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