Pancakes And Whiskey is happy to premiere the new single, “Bad Kids” from Austin, TX based artist Kady Rain today. Full of funky xylophone-esque percussion, spacy synths and an airy, yet strong singing voice; “Bad Kids,” is a fun and clear message of rebellion that you can sink your teeth into and then dance like a maniac. Despite the long, hot season winding down, it’s the perfect summer jam that will travel far into fall and beyond due to the quality of the actual music and unruly spirit.


“‘Bad Kids,’ written by Kady Rain, Ben Bazzrea, and Ariel Abshire, is an anthem for ne’er do wells everywhere. It’s a song dedicated to every teenager who skipped school, stole their parent’s liquor and cigarettes, and made out with strangers at parties. Bad Kids is a catchy dance tune that will have you singing along by the last chorus. If you listen more than once, you’re a bad kid, just like us.” – Kady Rain


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Upcoming Show Dates:

Stubbs indoors – Saturday 9/8, Set time TBA

Pecan Street Festival – Sunday 9/23, 2:20pm on the Trinity Stage

Haunted 5k – Sunday 10/28 Kady Rain and Ben Bazzrea will be hosting the event and performing


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