We are excited to premiere the gorgeous new single from Marlene Oak entitled “Slip Away” today at Pancakes And Whiskey.

The single starts with some fiery guitar licks and light percussion; and as soon as the breathy voice of Marlene Oak belts out the first lines, we can’t help, but smile and listen intently to the richness of the tune. The way the single is crafted, makes it seem like we are transported into Marlene’s world, one where we can just relax and enjoy the simple joys of this sometimes, arduous life.

We usually try not to compare singers/music here at P&W, but we are catching heavy Stevie Nicks vibes from this burgeoning musician from Sweden, which makes her stand out in the ever muddled indie-scene. If you dig this tune, then you’re in luck as Marlene will be dropping an EP in January, which we really look forward to.


“It’s about a hideaway and a break from the day-to-day routines that we all get stuck in. I wanted to capture that feeling of floating and swaying away, to just be able to let go for a moment and simply… slip away” – Marlene Oak

Marlene Oak – by Peter Eriksson


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