It’s no secret that women are taking over the entertainment world, especially the music industry. Moon Gel – comprised of Khaya Cohen, Leah Scarpati and Emily Sgouros – are proving that women are creative badasses that shouldn’t be reckoned with and breaking the stereotype of how women have always been seen. “Me and all my friends set fire to magazines cuz that ain’t what we wanna be,” one of the first lines in their first single, “Drama Queens,” states that message clearly.

“Drama Queens” was written and produced by Cohen and Sgouros and their music video was conceived by Isabel Damberg. One thing that sticks out to me the most while watching is when the camera is angled up towards Cohen. It creates a sense of regality that all women deserve to be seen in.

“No kings just drama queens that is the way the world should be this is our time,” Cohen’s voice croons as spacey reverb and echos float along side. That extraterrestrial vibe is matched in the video by an overlay mimicking a skipping VHS blending the visuals with the music production.

If this video gave you chills, go catch these gals live this coming Sunday (2-16-19) at Shwick, February 16th Sofar Sounds and March 15th at Brooklyn Bazaar and look out for a second single coming from them next month.


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Article: Merissa Blitz



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