We are excited to premiere the new video from J Hacha De Zola called “Super Squeaky” today at Pancakes And Whiskey. The song is off his new album entitled Icaro Nouveau and lucky for us, it’s out this Friday (3-29-19).

Starting and finishing with a wallowing saxophone and wavering guitars “Super Squeaky” has a disjointed, yet sneaky and bluesy backbeat that snakes around the emotional vocals and storytelling of J Hacha De Zola. As the song and video unfolds, we are treated to a bevvy of flickering old movie clips, that evoke feelings of being alone in your thoughts all while De Zola’s unique delivery keeps us firmly in the present.

We could throw comparisons out to other artists/bands/genres around at this point, but firmly believe J Hacha De Zola sits at his own, most likely oddly shaped table and for that, we are thankful. We look forward to Icaro Nouveau‘s release on Friday and cannot wait for the Album Release Party on 4-18-19 at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge in Jersey City, NJ – hope to see you there!


“‘Super Squeaky’ is a song about transition, compunction, and loss of love. I wanted the video to reflect that with lots of movement. It might be pretty glitchy, but I hope it takes you for a little ride. The most important thing was to capture the vibe of the song as it moves about. I wanted to make sure the thing wiggles and dances because movement is always very important to me. I leave it to the viewer to find meaning in it, because I think art is more interesting that way. I’m a pretty emotional guy, so I prefer to go with passion over meaning. It gets me in trouble every time!” – J Hacha De Zola


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Cover Image: Robin Souma



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