We are more than excited to premiere the new single “You’re Not Insane,” by Darro today at Pancakes And Whiskey. Before we delve into the actual single, we must tell a crucial backstory first. Darro Chea, an accomplished musician, wasn’t feeling quite right a few years back after returning from grad-school and was diagnosed with a brain tumor; resulting in him having to learn everything all over again including how to chew, speak and sing.

“You’re Not Insane” is definitely a song we all can connect with, as most of us have something lurking underneath that isn’t readily apparent by simple looking at us. We may go through the day with depression, digestive issues, or in this case a life threatening illness. Darro isn’t going to let a brain tumor get in his way and with the release of his new single we get a guitar-heavy treat that has rolling percussion and hammering bass with a pop-punk attitude.


“This song is a satirical commentary on how we as a society, portray ourselves. We tend to show only our pretty sides, when in reality, we’re all struggling with issues. This is what I face with my brain tumor; just because I look physically fine on the outside doesn’t mean that I am. And when I tell people about my health problems, I get praised for “looking” healthy. It sort of devalues the struggles of chronic illness and places too much weight on outside appearance. I’m poking fun at the notion that everyone is doing as well as they look.” – Darro


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