We are excited to share the impressive new video from Tow’rs called “Water Under The Bridge” today at Pancakes And Whiskey. The Flagstaff, AZ based band will be releasing their fourth album, New Nostalgia, on September 20th and we couldn’t be more pumped about it after hearing the first song on the LP.

The discord in our country lately seems to be at an all time high, and in certain cases blurs the fine line between politics and religion. “Water Under The Bridge” addresses this issue with ethereal harmonies, gorgeous violin, swaying guitars and a gentle message of unity that we should all get behind. The visually striking video directed by Jordan Fatke, a childhood friend of Kyle Miller; was filmed in black and white and is a simple, yet powerful experience and leaves the viewer feeling uplifted and inspired to do better.


“For the band, there are certain things we cannot simply overlook and pretend are okay.  One being the way religious and political systems can often oppress and distort messages of love. We have been heartbroken watching certain institutions promote nationalism as a part of spirituality, which in result creates more of an “us” and “them” narrative, than a message of unity.  Lyrically, verse two states; ‘I see a man holding his flag too tight, going to battle thinking that God is on his side’. 

 This song, Water Under the Bridge, is not only a challenge to those systems, but a recognition of the bitterness that can fester in each of us when we witness oppression.  The question then is, what do we do with that bitterness? How do we hold it with open hands and let it compel us into be a part of the change? How do we not become the very thing we hate?” – Tow’rs


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