We are excited to premiere “World Gone Mad,” the lead single off  The Endangered Species’  self-titled, debut album which is due out 10-18-19. “World Gone Mad,” based off a dream that the world was ending; is a great rock tune featuring chugging guitars and rumbling percussion that is highlighted by clear lyrics that are sung with emotion and a sense of exigency that can only come with tragedy.

The Endangered Species featuring brothers Wade and Robin Divver, are an Atlanta based rock band, but their heartbreaking, yet redeeming story started a mile from the Mexican border in Arizona where they lived a simple life off the grid with their parents. In 2001, their father was brutally murdered by the Sinaloan drug cartel leaving the brothers his most prized possessions; a 1983 Fender Stratocaster, a 1967 Gibson SG and other gear. The gear was used by their parents who had a band in the late 80’s/early 90’s and was inscribed with their band name, The Endangered Species. In tribute to their dad, they kept the name and rock out in his honor while raising awareness, consciousness, and trying to spark an awakening of thought and revolution in their listeners.


“World Gone Mad is a song of revolution. Placing responsibility into all of our hands to break the cycle of our repetitive history of war and destruction to the world. We’ve become so numb to killing each other and fighting endless battles. We’re all a little insane, and we’re all to blame for this world gone mad. End the madness before it ends us. How far have we really come, how much have we really done when we’re still bleeding and dying. From the rise of the summer sun, to the descent of the winter’s moon, the bullets are flying.” – The Endangered Species


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