We are thrilled to premiere the second single off of Nainnoh‘s forthcoming, self-titled album, called “Run” today. Hailing from the Eastern European nation of Georgia, Nainnoh now calls NYC her home and brings with her a solicitous and worldly view to the music she creates.

“Run” is a lush and meandering tale that’s rich with gorgeous harmonies that are sung with conviction and depth; all while the droning percussion, memorable guitar lines and a Georgian ‘Salamuri‘ take hold of your imagination. What we enjoy most, is how “Run” stands on its own and can’t be thrown into any single genre, which makes this track not only exciting, but needed in this time of overproduced and whitewashed music.

Nainnoh – by Irma Mtchedlishvili


“This song is about being in an unbearable situation for a long period of time. Monotony, immobility and what it does to us. When one feels like dying inside and gets that severe urge to resist, run and change the situation or environment. When it feels like “the skin is on fire, but the veins are frozen, thoughts dried up and turned to poison.” Sometimes people we live with make us feel that way and our bodies react and resist calling us for change. We label these different forms of resistance as anxiety, panic attacks – mental disorders.” – Nainnoh

Nainnoh Album Art


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