We are excited to premiere the new video from Kalen Chase today called “Let Them Come.” You may know Kalen from his work with Korn and Vimic, and since both those bands are metal outfits, you’d expect more of the same, but that isn’t the case at all and “Let Them Come” takes a more pop-rock approach.

Featuring Pete Thorn on guitar (Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, Don Henley), the single is a high energy anthem, with a chorus that is like a mantra that we all can get behind (in these challenging times). “Let Them Come” features booming percussion and bass, jangly guitars, and a hint of cello that builds a foundation for Kalen to shine with his impressive range and out-of-control charisma. The fun and engaging video was filmed on location in L.A while piecing together socially distanced/virtual footage from quarantine that features a cameo from Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls/Violet Femmes/Scarlet Sails – who seemingly knows all the cool people, ever).

Kalen Chase


“‘Let Them Come’ was created during a session in Nashville, after Chase was inspired by a cello-like sound he created using his guitar. Chase notes that “the whole concept for Let Them Come is that there’s the young, the old, the new; there are inherent rights and wrongs, but time is always changing. We’re always evolving, but the one constant is that we’re all mostly ridiculous. Life can be pretty comical. If an army of youth and reason tramples us all and we’re all turned to dust, it will still be hilarious. So “Let Them Come:” don’t take life so seriously.  I wanted to make a video that would show people how my brain works. Consider that a warning.” – Kalen Chase


*To celebrate the release of “Let Them Come,” Kalen Chase is performing a livestream from Wild Feather Recording in Nashville on Friday the 13th (11/13) at 9pm EST with chart-topping American Blues Rock band, Too Slim and The Taildraggers. Get your tickets HERE.


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