We are excited today here at Pancakes And Whiskey to premiere the new single and video from Speed The Plough entitled “Broken Glass.” The NJ based Indie/Pop band has been active for decades, and brings us a gorgeous new single that is warm and endearing. The track is part of a series called Before and After Silence, whereas Toni and John (of Speed The Plough) were planning on a band hiatus last winter when the pandemic struck, meaning that any new recording would hav to take place long-distance. They decided to continue to record and release the tracks on a monthly basis.

“Broken Glass” is the eighth installment of the Before And After Silence series and brings with it a charming and enveloping sound that takes the listener and wraps them in its warmth and gentle groove filled with wind instruments, piano and gorgeous harmonies featuring Lebanese vocalist Mayssa Jallad. For all the audiophiles out there; this single is being pressed as a limited-edition 7″ by Dromedary Records and you can get more info on that, HERE.

Toni and John


“After her sublime contributions on the first single of this series, as co-writer and vocalist of “Rush Hour,” we knew we needed to go back to the deep well that is Mayssa Jallad for another song. And this other Glass-influenced song made perfect sense. We had keyboards, flutes and Toni’s vocal when we sent it to Mayssa in June. What we couldn’t imagine is that the devastating explosion in early August would give a very different meaning to “broken glass” to someone in the midst of it. We like to think that she brought the perfect sense of longing for escape to the song, conversing with Toni in the verses and bringing some ascendance to the choruses. And thank the stars that we have reliable co-conspirators like Michael and Matt on guitars and Dan on bass, who are able to bring their sensibilities to a song remotely or in the bubble. Just finding a way to make it work for now.”  – John Baumgartner



John Baumgartner – piano, vocals, synth
Toni Baumgartner – vocals, flute
Mayssa Jallad – vocals
Michael Baumgartner – guitar
Matt Davis – guitar
Dan Francia – bass

Recorded in New Jersey and Beirut, Lebanon
Mixed by Don Sternecker at Mix-o-lydian Studios
Mastered by Scott Anthony at Storybook Sound


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