We are excited to premiere the new track today from Paper Citizen called “Wandering Gohst,” which is off the forthcoming album Scratching The Surface and is out in April. “Wandering Gohst” features rythmic guitar, snappy percussion, gentle melodies and a pure sense of ones self that’s been gift-wrapped into a perfect pop-song.

Wandering Gohst


Originally from from Singapore and now residing in LA; Claire Gohst is a singer/songwriter, violinist, guitarist and music producer who has an indie-rock flair, but with a singer/songwriters sensibility. The resulting magic is a fresh take into the muddled genre that is “Indie-Rock,” and with catchy lyrics and foot-tapping music, we are all in for a treat when Scratching The Surface is released.


“At 17 I was kicked out of home when my parents discovered I was a lesbian. Ashamed, angry and devastated, I poured everything I had into pursuing music as a career, playing western pop music in bars and clubs around Singapore to tourists and locals alike, eventually choosing to leave my hometown write rock music in America. Wandering Gohst reflects on a journey from east to west, past and present, that continues to chase a dream of freedom and expression.” – Paper Citizen


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Cover Image: M Sadler




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