Imagine you live sometime in the 50s or 60s. You just won a drag race in your 1955 Ford Thunderbird and you have a hankering for the local diner’s specialty burger and milkshake combo. You sling your leather jacket over the back of the booth and this is the moment where you wish that Damn Jackals were able to travel back in time so that you can select “Lovely Nuthin” to play on the jukebox at your table.

We may not be able to help “Lovely Nuthin” time travel to the past but we are here today to premiere it for you one day early before it’s release on 7/23.

Damn Jackals is about to drop your retro summer bop. “Lovely Nuthin” is a perfect hybrid of old and new. The music style is a callback to the punk rock era of the New York Dolls. The lyrics describe the current problems we face due to the omnipresent nature of social media and the addiction, vanity, and self worth derived from the anxiety it produces.

Release weekend for Damn Jackals and “Lovely Nuthin” culminates in a release party concert on the Our Wicked Lady rooftop this Saturday, 7/24 with The Silk War, Duke of Vandals and So and So. Come party like it’s the summer of 1955.


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Article/Cover Image: Merissa Blitz



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