We here at P&W are especially excited to premiere the new single from Nihiloceros called “Mammal Science Fiction” today. “Mammal Science Fiction” is the second single off their upcoming concept-record entitled Self Destroy, due out on 9-17-21 via Totally Real Records, and is “about the unraveling of the human condition.” The single is ripe with hammering bass, pocketed percussion, chunky guitars with clear, concise and campy lyrics we can sink our teeth into. What really stands out in this track is the undeniable (and now rarely heard) guitar hook that makes us want to mosh about whilst thinking about being strapped to homemade rockets.



“This song tells the story of a not too distant future and the final days of earth. Human having spent the last few centuries evolving too far and to fast for the planet to handle, they have destroyed their ecosystems and marred the natural world. Plagued with pollution and technology, greed and wealth no longer provide refuge as the species can do nothing but watch their world crumble around them. The rogue survivors of the dying planet attempt to escape into outer space on homemade rockets, leaving the remnants of earth and the legacy of everything that humans ever did or created behind to be erased.” – Nihiloceros


Follow Nihiloceros on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify and be sure to catch them live on August 7th at Bar Freda (Ridgewood, Queens) with Shadow Monster, Project Leone, and Nuclear Family Fantasy. you can also catch them at the “Self Destroy” record release show on Saturday 9/18 at East Williamsburg Econolodge.


Image: Lizzie Steelheart O’Leary



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